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Investing in a ‘Golden Village’ property

March 29, 2024
Information published was correct at the time of writing

Popular destinations for many professional property investors

Despite the rising effects of inflation and interest rate levels affecting property buyers in many areas of the UK, there are still desirable locations that remain highly sought after. There are properties that still continue to attract a large amount of attention from eager buyers, which can lead to a frenzied buying atmosphere.

Affectionately known as ‘golden villages’, these are increasingly becoming popular destinations for many professional property investors. They often have the traditional ‘chocolate box’ appeal of classic architectural style in an attractive rural village, as well as other key factors that buyers love.


Although located in rural areas, many also boast an array of amenities, including well-regarded primary schools, convenient transport links to major cities and plenty of open spaces – all contributing to their popularity amongst professional investors for future buyers.

With such strong growth potential, it’s no surprise that many investors are now turning their attention to these rural hotspots. With the right advice and expertise, investors can ensure they make the most of this market opportunity.


It’s worth remembering that the aim to flip a property for profit is not simply to buy a cheap property, do it up and then find tenants until house prices rise; the aim is to buy a property, carry out some work and sell it to make a profit – usually within 12 months. Ultimately, the process involves finding the right opportunity, financing it and getting the numbers right.

For professional property investors looking for a secure return on investment, golden villages can offer an attractive option in today’s competitive marketplace. With careful planning and consideration, buyers can expect to receive a good profit generated from these highly sought after destinations.

Salisbury – With its pale gold stone architecture, this city in Wiltshire offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities from its magnificent cathedral to quaint tea rooms along the River Avon.

Portmeirion – Set on the Welsh coast, this Mediterranean-style village has long been a popular tourist attraction thanks to its collection of brightly coloured buildings, including many golden hues.

St Just – Situated near Land’s End in Cornwall, this fishing village is well known for its beautiful golden beaches and rugged coastline scenery. The town itself features a number of traditional pubs and shops with characteristic golden-hued stone walls.


Buyers of rural properties in desirable areas have been reported to be prepared to go well over the asking price in order to secure their perfect property. Bidding wars have become a common experience for the most sought-after properties, with buyers competing against each other to offer the highest bid.

By considering all the options and utilising professional services when needed, investors can remain confident that their decisions are taken with care and due diligence. By carefully researching potential properties and locations, professional investors can be sure of making an informed decision when it comes to investing in a ‘golden village’ property.

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