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How to select the right investment property?

September 16, 2023
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Generating a profit from rental properties can be approached in two primary ways, each with its own unique strategy and considerations. The first method is to invest in a property expecting its value to increase over time. In this case, rental income covers your ongoing costs, such as mortgage payments, property taxes and maintenance expenses.

The real profit comes when you sell the property, ideally at a significantly higher price than what you initially paid. This strategy requires a keen understanding of the real estate market and the factors influencing property values.


The second approach focuses on generating a steady income stream through rent. Here, the goal is to secure reliable tenants who pay their rent on time, providing a regular income that exceeds your property-related expenses. Over time, this surplus income becomes your profit.

This strategy may not offer the large, one-time payout of the appreciation method, but it provides a more consistent income and can be less risky if property values fluctuate. In either scenario, successful property investment requires careful management of costs and a thorough understanding of your legal obligations as a landlord.

Investing in all expenses, including mortgage repayments, insurance, property taxes and maintenance costs, is essential to ensure your rental income covers these outlays and leaves room for a profit.


Additionally, being a landlord comes with legal responsibilities, such as ensuring the property meets health and safety standards and respecting tenant rights. Failure to meet these obligations can result in costly fines or legal disputes. So selecting the perfect property for your buy-to-let investment is a critical step in ensuring the success of your venture.

The ideal property will consistently attract potential tenants and generate a steady stream of rental income, enabling you to maintain a healthy balance sheet.

Here are some key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Establish your budget – Your budget will dictate the range of properties you can afford. Conduct thorough research on property prices and average rents in your target areas to identify suitable properties within your budget. Avoid overstretching your finances, as this may leave you vulnerable to unexpected expenses or periods without tenancy.

Consider Buy-To-Let Mortgages – Incorporate mortgage costs into your financial planning. If you’re considering a buy-to-let mortgage, contact us for further discussions on your financing needs.

Identify your target tenants – The type of tenants you aim to attract will significantly influence your choice of location. Young professionals prioritise convenient transport and leisure facilities, while families prefer proximity to schools. Property near universities or colleges will be ideal if you’re targeting students.

Property type also matters – for instance, families might choose something other than city apartments.

Evaluate property layout – The property’s layout is essential, especially if you plan to rent out shared spaces.

Consider outdoor space – A garden or outdoor space can enhance your property’s appeal, particularly to families. However, maintaining such spaces can be expensive, so opt for low-maintenance options.

Consider property age – Newer properties typically require less maintenance, which could make them more appealing to potential tenants. On the other hand, older properties offer unique charm and history, which can also be attractive. If you’re willing to invest in renovations, you can purchase an older property at a lower cost.


Profiting from renting out property is about more than just choosing the right property and waiting for the money to roll in. It’s a strategic endeavour that requires financial savvy, careful planning and a willingness to fulfil the duties of a landlord.

Additionally, exploring the world of property investment can be complex. It’s important to seek professional advice and compare different mortgage options to ensure you make an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals.

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