Trees planted to date!

At Charles Cameron & Associates, we are committed to protecting our planet. Aside from a range of sustainability promises, we are also planting a tree for every mortgage completed, and two for every remortgage or client referral. Please read our statement below and our long term commitment to tackling climate change.

Our Sustainability Project

sustainable mangrove treesPlanting trees for you

We will be planting one mangrove tree in Madagascar for every mortgage completed and two for every remortgage or client referral!

Our decision came after looking around the world at where the planting would have the most positive impact on their surroundings. Mangroves are important for the climate crisis because estimates suggest that they sequester carbon at a rate of 2 – 4 times greater than mature tropical forests.

As a result, each mangrove tree removes around 308kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of its life cycle (approximately 25 years).

Mangrove forests also offer numerous other ecosystem services, both short term and long term, such as natural coastal defences from floods and storm surges, increased biodiversity and sediment reduction.

Find out more about the projects we support with Earthly hereTo learn more, please download our sustainability report below or see our sustainability policy.

    Sustainability Report

Mai Ndombe rainforest in the evening

We’ve invested in a long term sustainability project to protect natural resources by Lake Mai Ndombe in the Congo Basin.

Reportedly at the start of 2020, there were 20 bonobo monkeys and 30 forest elephants living there and these numbers have been rising since the beginning of the project in 2011.

A team on the ground also works with local villagers to monitor any poaching reported within the area.

Our investment also goes towards…

Building a mobile medical clinic has so far helped over 3,000 people receive vital healthcare which they had not previously had access to. The project also focusses on delivering medicines via local health authorities.


The goal of the project is to build 28 schools within the area. So far, 4 have been completed and 3 are under construction.

Once completed, around 8,000 students will be able to access the education they deserve, preserving the ability of future generations to become skilled workers.

Economic growth

So far, 112 locally employed people provide training and career opportunities within the project area.

With agriculture and fisheries a vital source of income, the aim is to intensify crop growth on degraded land. The advantage to this is, apart from addressing deforestation, local workers can also earn a secure income.

We've made a pledge to the planet

and to our people...

One Mortgage = One Tree!

We've committed to planting a tree for every mortgage that completes as part of our sustainability policy, and two for every remortgage or client referral!

Offsetting our carbon footprint

Every year, through a variety of ecological projects via our climate partner, Earthly, we will be investing in nature to help give back to the planet and increase our sustainable practices.

Creating jobs in the Congo basin

As part of our sustainability project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), our investment will help villagers get jobs to help support their local economy.

Supplying medicines in the Congo basin

Over 3,000 people in the Mai Ndombe rainforest have received urgent medical care otherwise unavailable to them, we will help to increase that number every year.

Giving rainforest children access to education

Enabling thousands of children in the DRC to have the opportunity for an education they deserve, via our school buildings project.

A fair wage for everyone at Charles Cameron & Associates

We've earned the National Living Wage Certification, ensuring fair pay for everyone.

Supporting a good cause

We’ve partnered with a local charity, Bede House, to make a positive impact in our community. Bede House* has been running since 1938, and provides a whole range of vital support to the local community in Southwark. In many of their programmes, such as their work with people with learning disabilities and with survivors of domestic abuse, they are recognised as leading local providers of services with demonstrable, lasting results.

Visit our JustGiving page to learn more about this charity.

    Find out more

*Charity number 303199

National Living Wage Logo

Fair pay for all

We’re a certified Living Wage Employer, which means every single member of staff is guaranteed the “real” living wage for London.

This is higher than the Governments National Living Wage and is part of our duty to ensure all staff, no matter what their role, are able to live as well as they can.

We believe everyone should be paid fairly for the work they do, and this is now reflected in our latest certification.


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