Our Virtual Mortgage Advice service: available nationwide from today

September 16, 2020
Information published was correct at the time of writing

Whether you’re buying a new home or arranging a remortgage you need the best mortgage advice possible and that often means meeting face-to-face. That can be difficult right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why we are launching our new Virtual Mortgage Advice service.

It’s every bit as comprehensive as our regular brokering but just takes place over the internet, using the sort of visual conferencing tools we’ve all become familiar with during lockdown. With advisors stationed all over the UK (we’ve been hiring!), you’ll be paired with an expert who will not only guide you through the process but has a local understanding of the issues you might face in your area.

As an independent mortgage advisor, Charles Cameron & Associates is not tied to any one financial institution, so we can get a deal that’s tailored to your needs – not those of the banks. Our team of highly experienced brokers see beyond too-good-to-be-true interest rates or enticing repayment plans, and select mortgages that work for you: now – and in the long term.

The security and privacy of our clients have always been our top priority – and that’s just as true with our Virtual Mortgage Advice as it is with our regular service. Thanks to the systems we use, you’ll able to upload all relevant documents into a secure portal. As transparency is critical in reducing your stress levels, you’ll also be able to review the progress of your application online as it moves forward.

We believe in demystifying mortgages, so we’ll give you access to our webinar and educational content as well. From understanding stamp duty to improving your chances of successfully completing a remortgage, our content equips you with the knowledge you need to get what you want.

Another advantage of our web-based brokering is its flexibility. We can offer longer opening hours: so, you can speak to us from 8 am-8 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am-6 pm on Saturdays.

From the initial consultation to your mortgage completion, our Virtual Mortgage Advice delivers the personal service we’re known for. The only difference is you don’t have to come and see us.

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